Very interesting

All of a sudden your own vocabulary has become very interesting, thanks to the Etymology Calendar!


People come to our bathroom

I put the calendar up in the women’s toilet of our dorm and now people from the other corridor also come to our bathroom because they want to read the calendar



This is the role the Etymology Calendar plays in my relationship:

When I’m still lying half-asleep in my bed in the morning, I regularly hear a “WHAT??!!” resounding through our bathroom. While I’m still recovering from the jump-scare, the exclamation is followed by a “Honey, you’re néver going to guess where FAUTEUIL comes from!!”


We get lots of compliments 😊

The people visiting our bathroom love the calendar, we get lots of compliments on it 😊


Next year they’ll beg for it

My colleagues loved it. Next year they’ll be begging for it.


Hard not to read ahead until december

I find it hard not to tear and read every page of the calendar until December before January is over. Every word has an interesting story. It really makes you look at language in a different way. And I’m saying that as a linguist.


I keep the pages in my desk!

I’m enjoying the Etymology Calendar so much that I keep the torn pages in my desk, so that I can re-read them.

My friends who bought the calendar at my recommendation are also fervent and loyal readers. When I go visit them, I can see the calendar taking in a prominent spot in their home: on the piano, or on a drawer close to the dinner table.

I’m glad there will be a new edition for 2020, I wouldn’t want to miss the calendar anymore!


The Calendar makes me happy every day!

I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying the Etymology Calendar so very much! I’m super impressed you all managed to find THIS many interesting etymologies, I almost want to put all of them in a scrapbook because they just make me so happy every day!

Anne Fleur

The calendar makes my day

My day is made when I read that canaries actually ought to be dogs, but aren’t. Or that Finnish has a word for ‘staying at home and getting drunk in one’s underwear’. But first, let me run to the Chinese store, now that I know how Dim Sum means ‘to touch the heart gently’. In short: come on through with that new Etymology Calendar!


I’m very happy with it!

Now that my father has unwrapped the calendar we can see how great it is – wonderful! And often very funny as well! (I have been reading ahead). Very well done, I’m very happy with it, and so is my father (84)!


I don’t mind reading twice

The etymologies are so much fun that I don’t mind reading them twice, so I went and read some ahead before 2019!


Very well written!

I’m not an expert in this field at all, but the entries are very well written! Sometimes the etymologies are so obvious that I think to myself, surely I could’ve realised that before…


The highlight of my day

I’m enjoying the calendar enormously. I’m not involved in Linguistics at all anymore, so the calendar truly is the highlight of my day.